The Science - Going cold to get hot

    • Warm blooded animals must maintain a constant core body temperature
    • Normal body functioning is usually sufficient to keep us warm when we’re in an environment at a comfortable temperature
    • Normal white fat, called White Adipose Tissue, or WAT, simply stores energy
    • BAT is Brown Adipose Tissue, or Brown Fat , also called Fat Burning Fat
    • BAT burns calories as needed to keep the body warm.

“BAT’s where it’s at”

      • BAT is common in infants and small mammals but until recently was thought to be absent in adult humans
      • In 2007, PET/CT scans accidentally discovered BAT in adult humans

BAT Locations

(Image compliments of CNN)

      • BAT turns energy from food and energy stores (such as WAT) into heat
    • When we feel cold, BAT is activated
    • The Cold Shoulder targets the shoulders, neck, and back because
      • these areas contain BAT
      • localized cold exposure is enough to trigger the BAT response
      • it’s less uncomfortable than cooling the entire body
    • BAT also exists in the throat, so drinking cold water can help trigger BAT

Getting the best out of your cold exposure - The importance of diet

    • Sugar is the body’s primary energy source
    • If sugar is in your blood, this will be burned instead of fat
    • Thus, in order to make best use of this product, you need also to avoid “fast” carbohydrates. Suitable options include: