Pre-order: The Cold War on Fat (Book)

If you want to fundamentally change your view on weight and health, you need to read The Cold War on Fat. This book will educate you on the science of how lasting weight loss can be attained without counting calories or taking supplements.

Detailing over fifty years of research by scientists from Harvard to Cambridge and beyond, The Cold War on Fat describes a new weapon in the war on fat: mild cold exposure. By manipulating total energy expenditure through diet, exercise and timed cold exposure, this book offers a new, evidence-based approach to safely achieve weight loss without drugs or supplements.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why insulin is key to fat loss
  • Why your morning bagel is making you fat
  • How products advertised to help you are hindering you
  • How temperature affects your weight
  • How temperature affects your sleep
  • How temperature can affect mood

Please note the book is not available yet. This is a pre-order with expected delivery in 4-6 weeks. Retail price will be $49.99 once the book is available.


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