“After just 2 weeks wearing The Cold Shoulder, I lost almost 2 lbs of fat. And all I did was wear a vest!”

“In addition to the extra 1.5 lbs I lost using The Cold Shoulder for 2 weeks, my second favorite benefit was that my sleep improved. I wore it for a few minutes before bed every night and slept much more soundly than I had done for months.”

The Cold Shoulder allowed me to cut body fat while still gaining Lean Body Mass. It’s easy to use and makes experimenting with cold exposure simple.”

“Thanks to The Cold Shoulder I was able to eat 6000 more calories over two weeks while having friends and family visit without any weight gain. It is great to be able to indulge a bit without losing precious progress.”


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Lose weight in 12 weeks — without a crazy diet, punishing exercise, pills, or surgery.

Dear Dieter:

“Forget it, Wayne,” the experts told me. “It just won’t sell.”

They were talking about my weight loss vest, The Cold Shoulder, a product with decades of scientific research behind it proving that the idea works.

“People won’t buy it,” they said. “Why wear a weight loss vest that makes you cold, when there are myriad alternatives out there, including diets, exercise regimes, supplements and surgery?”

I had reason to believe the experts were wrong.

Some people have used the idea of mild cold exposure to lose weight.

As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for Tim Ferriss’s best-selling book The Four Hour Body, even I wouldn’t have heard of the idea. But the idea is so simple, so revolutionary, and so scientifically sound that every time I mention the idea, people are intrigued. Even most doctors have never heard of it. But when I tell them about it, they’re fascinated. They ask questions. And they’re convinced within seconds of hearing the following story.

Did you know that Olympic swimmers like Michael Phelps burn several thousand more calories per day than other Olympic athletes? It’s not that they’re working harder. It’s the water. Competitive swimmers spend 6-10 hours per day completely submerged in water that’s 20-30 degrees (F) below their body temperature. This, combined with the fact that water is 24 times more heat conductive than air, means that thousands of calories are comfortably extracted from their bodies as heat.

Ray Cronise, a former NASA scientist, knows well how mild cold exposure can drastically speed up weight loss. He went on a crash diet and lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks — an average of 1.6 lbs/week. Then he added cold exposure, and lost the next 30 pounds in just six weeks — an average of 5 pounds per week — triple the rate of weight loss without cold exposure.

Mind you, Ray took some rather drastic measures: cold showers, ice baths, sleeping without blankets, and drinking a gallon of ice water per day. Most people probably don’t have Ray’s determination, but the proof was undeniable: cold exposure burns calories — lots of calories.

Users of my vest, The Cold Shoulder, found that over a 4-week trial period, it accelerated their weight loss by an extra pound per week, and was much less painful than Ray’s extreme measures. After the 4-week trial, we asked them their comments, and if they intended to keep using it.

Before I tell you their comments, I’d like to reveal some shocking statistics about weight loss in America:

  • 50% of US adults are dieting
  • Nearly all dieters gain their weight back
  • Even people who have successfully dieted and lost up to 68 lbs, and kept it off for 5 years, failed many times before succeeding
  • The average adult makes 4 weight loss attempts each year
  • 35% of Americans made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight for 5 consecutive years (5 resolutions in 5 years)
  • Nearly half of New Year’s resolutions are broken by February

In contrast, here’s what our users have to say about The Cold Shoulder:

“After just 2 weeks wearing The Cold Shoulder, I lost approximately 5.5% of my body fat. A loss like this for effectively doing nothing is excellent.” -Robert C.
“In addition to the extra 1.5 lbs I lost using The Cold Shoulder, my second favorite benefit was that my sleep improved. I wore it for a few minutes before bed every night and slept much more soundly than I had done for months.” - Mike S.
“The Cold Shoulder allowed me to cut body fat while still gaining Lean Body Mass. It.s easy to use and makes experimenting with cold exposure simple.” - Nick H.
“Thanks to The Cold Shoulder I was able to eat 6000 more calories over two weeks while having friends and family visit without any weight gain. It is great to be able to indulge a bit without losing precious progress.”- Kyle T.

The experts were wrong about these particular users. But one question remained in my mind.

How many other Americans want a simple, effective, safe, natural, comfortable, and successful weight loss product?

I’ll soon know the answer.

You — and a select group of other dieters — have been chosen to receive possibly the most unusual offer ever made by a weight loss company.

I can make this offer because the science behind using mild cold exposure for weight loss is solid. In fact it’s been known since the 1960s that cold exposure increases calorie burn. The science is so solid that I’m amazed this idea hasn’t already taken off.

The experts say “people don’t liking being cold.” But think of all the other crazy things people do in order to lose weight. Starving themselves? Eating clay, which carries a risk of arsenic poising? Punishing themselves in the gym? Taking questionable supplements that, if they work at all, have side effects like insomnia or over-stimulation? How about wearing a corset just to appear thinner? Drug injections? Liposuction? Freezing fat cells? Gastro-intestinal surgery? Considering these options, wearing a cooling vest is pretty tame in comparison. The Cold Shoulder has virtually no side effects. Users who start skeptical end up wearing it routinely, and even find they look forward to putting it on at the end of a long day.

Pharmaceutical companies have been trying since the 1970s to create a pill that mimics the effect, and failing miserably.

The Cold Shoulder is safe, effective, stylish, and comfortable.

And that’s not all.

The Cold Shoulder weight loss vest is professional-looking (can be worn as part of a three-piece suit), affordable, natural, requires no batteries, no maintenance, no recurring costs, almost no effort, and can be used in conjunction with any other weight loss program. Unlike supplements, there.s no recurring cost. You buy it once, and it.s usable for life.

We also offer a 90-day manufacturer’s warrantee. If the product fails due to a manufacturing defect, return it to us (or provide a photo of the damage) and we’ll replace it free-of-charge.

Why not let me put one at your disposal?

I am so confident that you’ll love The Cold Shoulder Weight Loss System that I will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, return it in re-salable condition within one month of purchase and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

So please accept my invitation to give The Cold Shoulder a try and reach your own personal, private judgment. Simply click the buy button to visit our purchase page.

Finally, you should act now.We have only a limited supply: 400 vests, and we’re sending this email out to a million people. We have more on order, but once these first 400 sell out, you’ll need to wait up to 8 weeks for the next shipment to arrive.

Give The Cold Shoulder a try. You have nothing to lose but your flab!


Wayne Hayes, Ph.D.
CEO, The Cold Shoulder LLC


* Each of these publications have advocated or reported on using thermogenesis to induce weight loss. We do not intend to imply, however, that they specifically endorse The Cold Shoulder.

Below are some frequently asked questions about The Cold Shoulder, and their answers


Q: Since The Cold Shoulder only has cooling packs in the back and shoulders, won’t it only burn fat in those regions?
A: No. It is impossible to spot-reduce fat. When your body needs calories for anything – be it exercise or to generate heat – then it will use your bloodstream to move the energy from where it’s stored – your fat tissue – to where it’s needed, in a matter of seconds. So even though the cooling effect of The Cold Shoulder is concentrated in your shoulders and back, the fat is being extracted from your fat stores all over your body, including your abs and thighs.

Q: Wait. I can’t spot reduce fat? Won’t my ab crunches and sit-ups improve my abs?
A: See above. You can’t spot reduce fat. Doing ab crunches and sit-ups will tone your ab muscles, but you won’t be able to see those ab muscles until you burn the layer of fat that’s covering them. Wearing The Cold Shoulder for an hour at bedtime while watching T.V. will burn more calories than doing sit-ups until you collapse in pain.

Q: I use a fat-burning supplement that claims it’ll help me lose weight. Will it work?
A: Maybe, but it may not be safe. Fat burning supplements, if they work at all (some don’t), work by artificially stimulating your metabolism, heating up your body, increasing your heart rate, etc. I’ll bet you their primary ingredient is just plain old caffeine, which you would be better of getting from plain old coffee or tea. Any other weird supplemental ingredients may be untested, unregulated, and have side effects like insomnia or even liver failure. (Google “ACE – Appetite Control and Energy, Liver Failure August 2014” for a recent example of supplement that appears to be linked to liver failure.) The Cold Shoulder has no side effects, and burns 500 calories per day.

Q: Can I lose weight by “sweating it out” in the gym, or in a sauna?
A: Sweat is mostly water. Thus, sweating means you’re losing water. Water has weight, so, um… yeah, you’re losing weight, but it’s only water, not fat. There’s another word we use to describe losing water. It’s called “dehydration”, and it’s not generally considered a good thing. Plus, your “weight loss” goes away next time you drink a glass of water. Let’s face it: most people aiming to “lose weight” want to lose fat. Wearing The Cold Shoulder will help you burn fat – 500 calories of fat, every day. Losing water is pointless. Additionally, excessive sweating can deplete your electrolytes (aka salts) which, if not replenished, can lead to headaches, or even death in very extreme cases.

Q: I did a “cleanse” and it helped me lose weight, and I felt better afterwards. Isn’t that enough?
A: Most cleanses tell you to stop eating regular food — especially crap — for awhile. Instead, you’re instructed to only eat/drink whatever “cleanse” solution is being offered. The effect of not eating crap for several days means that your “cleanse” was effectively a short-term, low-calorie diet. You stopped eating crappy calories, and instead drank lots of liquid, with some really expensive goop mixed in. The truth is that you probably could have gotten the same effect by drinking water and eating only low calorie but filling veggies for 5 days. Things like lettuce, celery, broccoli, spinach, etc., with no dressing or fat or sugars at all. Your body can “cleanse” itself, as long as you stop eating crap. All the other expensive materials in the “cleanse” are probably useless. Try it yourself. Eat small amounts of raw veggies and drink tons of water for 5 days. I’ll bet you’ll feel the same as you do after a “cleanse”. Plus, if you wear The Cold Shoulder, you’ll burn an additional 500 calories per day, and lose almost a pound of flab over a 5-day period.

Q: I’m following the advice of (pick your favorite guru). I’ve lost tons of weight, and I feel great. Why do I need The Cold Shoulder?
A: Congratulations. If you’re feeling good, you’re probably eating good food. If you’re feeling full, you’re probably eating foods that make you feel full, just like I suggested. And if you’re eating whole foods, as I suggested, then you’re getting your quota of vitamins and minerals as well. All very good things. Adding The Cold Shoulder to your regime will help you burn another 500 calories per day, adding an extra pound of weight loss each week to your results.

Q: Is it uncomfortable to wear?
A: The very first time you put it on, it may feel a bit uncomfortable. But like a new pair of shoes, you’ll soon get used to it, and after wearing it a few times you’ll soon forget it’s even there, and you’ll get on with your day without a second thought.


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Disclaimer: The idea of using mild cold exposure to lose weight has featured in the media outlets cited at the top of this page, although  The Cold Shoulder product itself has not.